Premium Whisky Tour​

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Reflecting cultural traits of patience and artesian craftsmanship, Japanese Whisky has steadily worked its way up into the world’s Top 5. Our knowledgeable guide will convey you through a Whisky journey of taste and atmosphere, conjuring up within you a sense of time and J-uniqueness. From hidden-gem crafty micro distilleries to well known brands, experience quality and variety, collecting within you a sense for the growing momentum of Japanese whisky.

We start from the traditional vibe of nostalgic Tokyo, in a local “joint” nestled under the train tracks. Next we move to a basement-gem, filled with J salary men ( Japanese white-colour workers ) laughing away the stresses of their day. We finish with a tipple served in whiskey tumbler with a single perfectly carved spherical ice “cube”. Can you hear the ice cracking sound? Join us, get the inside line and “feel” the momentum of Japanese whisky.


We are always preparing rare whiskey

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You can learn a new way of enjoying Japan here than whiskey

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Places unknown to Japanese

Premium Tour with Japanese Whisky experience

VENUE: Tokyo Classic Style Bar and Ginza

MEETING PLACE: Taco bell Shiodome
ACCESS: Nippon Television Tower Building B2, Higashi Shinbashi 1-6-1, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-7444
CHARGE: 40,500JPY- / person
CORE TIME: 4:50 pm – 8:00 pm (But Flexible)
ABOUT Tour: Minimum 2 persons (Must be over drinking age)
Place to Visit / Food Example:
1. Start with a drink at a bar on 46th floor with view (ex: Beer, Yoichi, Hibiki 17)
2. Micro distillery whisky tasting (ex: Ichiro’s malt, others) + Pork cutlet sandwich 3. Whisky tasting at hidden bar (ex: Yamazaki 18, Taketsuru 21, rare whisky)
* There will be some light finger food, but not actual meal.
* Whisky bars to visit may change depending on tour date or starting time. We have other authentic whisky bar options.