Morioka Toy box Beautiful Tour

Main Contents

Tour Code: MSM
Meeting Point: Iwate, Morioka Ekimae dori 1-48, Morioka City, 020-0034
Access: (1) From Tokyo Station to Morioka Station, please take 3 hours 30 minutes by Shinkansen.
About Morioka: People in Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture are always looking for cutting-edge information while protecting their culture. They speak a characteristic dialect, but are warm people. They value accepting others. People here take pride in eating fish.
Value: (1) Meet at Morioka Station. Yuichi Suzuki, chef and owner will await for you in the water square in front of Morioka Station. (2) He will pick you up at Fish Restaurant (Suzutoku) about 20 minutes by car from Morioka Station. It is also possible to guide you to a famous historical coffee shop during the transfer. (3) When you arrive at the fish restaurant, first the fisherman will show you the fish demolition scene. (4) You will experience using a Japanese knife to handle small fish such as Mackerel. (5) Sushi Making Experience

Additional optional items

・ Sushi lunch / dinner: Chef offers sushi
・ Provide the highest Ikura prime
・ Provides the finest salted sea urchins (limited from June to August)
・ You can bake seasonal vegetables in the earthen charcoal brazier (very luxurious time if you like vegetables)
・ Provide local sake and whiskey
・ Transfer to the hotel: The tour will meet at Morioka station first, but if you want to go to the hotel first, you will be guided to the hotel first.
・ City sightseeing guide: Information on cherry blossoms and famous natural heritage etc.


(1) 盛岡駅で待ち合わせをします。料理人で経営者の鈴木裕一が盛岡駅前の水の広場であなたを待っています。 (2) 盛岡駅から車で20分くらいの魚レストラン(鈴徳)に送迎します。送迎の途中で宮沢賢治にゆかりのある有名な歴史のある喫茶店にご案内することも可能です. (3) 魚レストランに到着したらまずは魚職人が魚の解体シーンをお見せします。 (4) 和包丁を使って鯵などの小魚を捌く体験をしていただきます。 (5) 寿司作りを行ってください。
・寿司ランチ/ディナー: シェフが寿司を提供
・ホテルまでの送迎: ツアーは盛岡駅で最初に待ち合わせを行いますが、先にホテルに行きたい場合は先にホテルまでご案内します。
・市内観光案内: 桜の名所や有名な自然の遺産をご案内

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