Yokohama Winery Yamashita park

Tour Code: YWM
Meeting Place: Motomachi-Chūkagai Station, Yokohama, Japan 231-0023 (Shortest Access: About 30 minutes by train from Tokyo station.)
Venue: Yokohama Winery
About Yokohama: Yokohama is the only place in Japan to have international first contacts. The reason is that Yokohama Port was connected to the world through the ship during the Edo era, and was taught the world today’s Japanese culture. Whether you can experience it in Yokohama or see the many cultures in which Japan has benefited from the world. The winery wishes to brand the world’s most loved liquor with appreciation for the past world.
Value: You can experience making sushi while drinking wine at a small winery in Yokohama. You can enjoy cooking Japanese food making, oden and soup stock. Anyone can easily have a sushi making experience. Yokohama is the region that is most grateful to countries around the world.