You can Experience pop-up tours about the natural resources of local cities in Japan. It is Toy Box Tours.

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Please kindly contact us if you have some outstanding issue before booking. Via Email We are prepared to deal with our customers in a flexible manner. (Including cancellation policy and terms of service) You can experience Japanese culture with local people. Having flexible planning and special response, Japan Tours via Premium Toy Box. Special arrangements are available. Such as hotel pick up, additional or combined custom service, accommodation to family with children, allergies (Celiac, Shellfish, Nuts etc.) and food regulations (Gluten free, Halal, Kosher, Vegetarian, Vegan etc.), super VIP arrangement and so on. Please contact us for further details of such services.

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Premium Toy Boxで掲載している体験ツアーでは各種の特別なアレンジメントに対応しています。宿泊場所の提案、ホテルの手配、交通の相談、ホテルピックアップ、カスタムされたオリジナルの行程、小さいお子様連れのご家族、アレルギー(セリアック・甲殻類・ナッツ等)や食事制限(グルテンフリー・ハラル・コーシャー・ベジタリアン・ヴィーガン等)、超VIP対応、ご入用の際にはお気軽にお申し付けください。 Premium Toy Boxで掲載している体験ツアーでは各種の特別なアレンジメントに対応しています。ホテルピックアップ、カスタムされたオリジナルの行程、小さいお子様連れのご家族、アレルギー(セリアック・甲殻類・ナッツ等)や食事制限(グルテンフリー・ハラル・コーシャー・ベジタリアン・ヴィーガン等)、超VIP対応など。


Team Member

Project Manager / Yamagata city Tour Guide / Hideyasu TASE 田勢秀康


He travels abroad with a variety of hobbies, including heli-skiing in Canada, camping in Alaska, obtaining a plane license in California, golfing in Hawaii and Bali, and cruising on a yacht in Vancouver and more. At the same time, he had an airline connection in his job of an advertising company, gaining the opportunity to travel from Europe to various parts of North America. He still go abroad on skis and yachts. In January 2018, moved from Motoazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo to Shirataka-cho, Nishi-Okitama-gun, Yamagata Prefecture. He have an old private house cafe in Yamagata. It offers paragliding and soba making experiences. Even now, he often goes to Bali to buy coffee beans. As a migration concierge, he guides tours and advises on migration to all over the world.

CEO / Wataru Takeyama 武山和

He wants to make this brand big for the world. He founded this company in 2015 as a onsen, hotel consultant. Since 2017, he have been providing people around the world with the opportunity to interact with the secret resources of local cities in Japan. This premium toy box aims to make that happen. He feels Japan is a small island country and closed culture. He would like to make Japan open to the world.