Private Ramen Experience at Tokyo or Yamagata

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Outline This Experience

(1) Please tell us what kind of ramen you like in the inquiry. Contact Mail
(2) After asking what kind of ramen you like, we will inform you of the date and time at a ramen specialty store that will cooperate with us.
(3) You just go to the ramen shop at that time.

・ You can make ramen.
・ You cannot take new stock. Just you will use a soup of the Ramen shop. However, we will tell you about the soup stock.
・ If you can eat more, you can eat two cups to compare the taste of the ramen you made with the ramen made by the shop master.

* It will be a little expensive tour experience because the shop cooperates during the holidays. About 50,000 yen / person ~
* This is all a private tour. It will be a lifetime memory.

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About Hokkaido & Yamagata

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山形県 / Yamagata Japan

This hot spring Ryokan is one of our most recommended in Yamagata. Great staff, great dinner and breakfast, space to forget the time. Good friends with the founder!

There are various types of rooms. There are a variety of rooms, from rooms that can be used for business to rooms with open-air baths. You can eat very delicious Wagyu beef because it is an Ryokan specializing in Yamagata beef.
Kaminoyama Azumaya

旅館三恵/Ryokan Mitsue
This onsen ryokan is very casual. Beautiful, luxury adjectives cannot be used, but the hot springs here are probably one of the best in Japan.
ryokan mitsue

Please go by all means. The owner this Ryokan is really great person. He seeks to please thier customers for everything from serving food and bathing.

北海道 Hokkaido Area Japan

premier hotel sapporo

北海道札幌市/Hokkaido Sapporo
Rooms reminiscent of luxury residences. The extravagant space of 36㎡ to 160㎡ will make passing time special. Luxurious cuisine using seasonal ingredients selected from all over the country. Please enjoy a selection of specialties with your loved ones in a high-quality space.

Grandpark Otaru

北海道小樽/Hokkaido Otaru
This seaside resort hotel is located in the bay area of Otaru, a city full of exotic charm. 10 minutes by car from Otaru Station. Directly connected to Wing Bay Otaru, you can enjoy various amusements that are not affected by the weather, such as cinemas, gyms and pools, large bookstores, and shopping malls.
grandpark otaru

Mizu no Uta

北海道支笏湖/Hokkaido Shikotsuko
“Mizu no Uta” focuses on water, the source of life, and produces health and beauty in all aspects, including warm bathing, esthetics, fitness, walking, eating, sleeping, and information. They provide a new style resort scene with the theme of healing and health.

Zabourin / 坐忘林

北海道ニセコ/Hokkaido Niseco
This is our most advanced accommodation.

Our most advanced hot spring Ryokan


名月荘 / Meigetsuso

Place: @Kaminoyama Onsen, Yamagata Prefecture
Cooking: ★★★★★
Enjoy hearty dishes at room meal or counter dining(Add option).

Onsen: ★★★★★
Kaminoyama Onsen Hayama no Yu. A hot spring where you can experience the original scenery.

Facilities: ★★★★★
Many happy greeting spaces with elaborate tastes.

The founder of this onsen ryokan is the wonderful person we care most about.

His name is Toshiyuki Kikuchi. All staff of this hot spring inn has a wonderful smile. A number of services that are not enough just for a one-day stay. Proceed to stay for two nights. Be sure to experience a villa-like onsen ryokan where you can enjoy a private break.

Meigetsuso official website

meigetsuso Etype

* We recommend that you make a reservation directly at a hot spring inn, such as a hot spring inn website or telephone reservation.
* Kansei evaluations such as images, impressions, and impressions of inns posted here are personally performed by the department in charge of the Company and group companies. It is described on the premise that it supports the listed ryokan and provides accurate information.

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On entering the site you will be greeted with the fresh aroma of firewood. Our exquisite cuisine, serene landscape and friendly staff ensure you will be able to enjoy a very special time with us.

Meigetsuso is a beautiful inn nestled in the heart of Yamagata’s countryside with breathtaking views showcasing each of the four seasons. If you listen closely, you can hear the beautiful sounds of nature. We strive to make Meigetsuso a place you can spend a uniquely refreshing and relaxing time with the people you care about most. Packed with Japanese and Western history, your stay will truly be an unforgettable experience. From traditional Japanese housing, to gorgeous antique Western furnishings, Meigetsuso offers an atmosphere far from an everyday experience.
The Meigetsuso experience is one best shared with loved ones. If you want to share an experience of a lifetime with a special someone, look no further than our beautiful inn.







About Fish Workshop

Morioka Suzutoku Workshop

With Customers

Two brothers from United States joined our tour. We got a big whole salmon and a big block of tuna for Sushi-making workshop, which impressed the guests very much. It was rare opportunity even for Japanese to see a whole salmon, so our chef filleted it in front of the guests. They watched it with a lot of interest. Also, they had a chance to scale the salmon with knife under the help of our chef’s direction. They said, “it was difficult but so much fun to try !” Then, they learned how to fillet horse mackerel, which became one of their sushi toppings.
They made sushi a lot and enjoyed them with sake. There were four different taste of sake, ranging from dry to sweet. Their favorite was the sweetest. Aside from sushi, our chef made some dish such as tuna steak, grilled tuna skin, grilled fish ball, which made the guests so full and happy.
Thank you very much for joining us!