Ayu Special

Ayu offering at Yamagata

We offered Ayu salt grilling to overseas customers. Our Japanese sushi chef offered Ayu grilling at Yamagata city, and we had drank Japanese Sake with Ayu salt. You can experiences rural experience ad various area, for example Shonai area where offering sake and god food… Please kindly contact us if you have any interesting about our offering tour.

About Fish Market

Iwate Key man You

A family from North Carolina in US joined Tokyo Sushi VIP tour.

We visited the intermediate wholesale market with our main chef. It was around 6 o’clock in the morning. The market was very lively right after the auction and the workers were very energetic, which attracted our guests very much. There were so many variety of fish. Among them, the father loved octopus and alfonsino, and the others preferred shrimp and crab. We visited some stores and got all of their requests. In addition, we got scallop from Hokkaido and a big block of tuna from Sakaiminato which was a very famous port for tuna’s catch.
Then, we headed to our kitchen studio where we had a sushi-making workshop. They made sushi with their favorite fish and seafood. The mother loved the sweetness of scallop and shrimp. The boys enjoyed salmon sushi. The father tasted several types of sake with sushi. Also, he was a big fan of whisky and would like to get some bottles. Our sushi master had deep knowledge about whiskey, so he recommended him a couple of good liquor shops in Tokyo.
After the tour, they would like to go back to their hotel by subway. About a week already passed since they had arrived in Japan, but it was the first time for them to use trains here. We explained the way to the hotel and how crowded the trains were during rush hour in Tokyo. They said, “Oh, good ! We like adventures !”
Thank you very much for joining our tour !