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    Flexible planning and special response, Japan Tours by Premium Toy Box

    Special arrangements are available on demand. Such as hotel pick up, additional or combined custom service, accommodation to family with children, allergies (Celiac, Shellfish, Nuts etc.) and food regulations (Gluten free, Halal, Kosher, Vegetarian, Vegan etc.), super VIP arrangement, accommodation and so on. Please contact us for further details of such services.

    Premium Toy Boxで掲載している体験ツアーでは各種の特別なアレンジメントに対応しています。宿泊場所の提案、ホテルの手配、交通の相談、ホテルピックアップ、カスタムされたオリジナルの行程、小さいお子様連れのご家族、アレルギー(セリアック・甲殻類・ナッツ等)や食事制限(グルテンフリー・ハラル・コーシャー・ベジタリアン・ヴィーガン等)、超VIP対応、ご入用の際にはお気軽にお申し付けください。 Premium Toy Boxで掲載している体験ツアーでは各種の特別なアレンジメントに対応しています。ホテルピックアップ、カスタムされたオリジナルの行程、小さいお子様連れのご家族、アレルギー(セリアック・甲殻類・ナッツ等)や食事制限(グルテンフリー・ハラル・コーシャー・ベジタリアン・ヴィーガン等)、超VIP対応など。

    The true your Experiences largely depends on one’s own understanding of own and the customs behind it.

    We know that, as a traveler to Japan, you have probably looked for good sushi restaurants in the each area or have already made some reservations. We are here to make your experiences in Japan even deeply than it already is. Here’s why you need us: It’s very difficult to get a proper understanding of Japan and the Japan industry from English-speakers in Japan. Our services are all designed to make this a realistic experience for you. You will get know what makes your experience good time through proper knowledge and real-time experience.

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    山形県天童市中里5丁目12番8号 / 9940064

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    平成27年2月9日 / Feb 9th, 2015


    代表取締役CEO 武山和 / Wataru TAKEYAMA

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    宿泊施設経営代行、プロデュース事業、企画コンサルティング、観光事業、AI・ARカメラ事業、中国深圳市に関する事業相談、デジタルエージェンシー事業 / Accommodation management agency, Inbound Tourism business, AI AR camera business, Business consultation about Shenzhen, China, Digital agency business

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    Trip Advisor Experience, Get Your Guide, Bokunなどによる一連の体験販売のコンサルテーションを強みとしています。特に、Bokunによる自社サイトWEB予約システムの導入は国内随一です。

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    1, FLOW: 人の流れを生み, 空間を活性化する
    2, LINK: 言語の壁を超えて海外と日本を繋ぎ、戦うためのフィールドを醸成する
    3, FLEXIBLE: 柔軟な対応,柔軟なコミュニケーション戦略,柔軟なサービス提供

    Operation Member

    COO / Hiroo Ito (伊東寛雄)

    He is a very nice guy. If you can meet him you are lucky because you are the busiest in the company. He is a great business person and a great human. And as of December 2019 he is the father of two children. We have absolute trust in him. By the way, please kindly forgive him that he cannot speak English. Instead, tours of this brand are created neatly by him. And he is a great bassist.
    Expertise: youtube, entertainment, Yokohama, subculture, music, Japanese food and chefs, parenting

    CEO / Wataru Takeyama (武山和)

    He wants to make this brand big for the world. He founded this company in 2015 as a onsen, hotel consultant. Since 2017, he have been providing people around the world with the opportunity to interact with the secret resources of local cities in Japan. This premium toy box aims to make that happen. He feels Japan is a small island country and closed culture. He would like to make Japan open to the world.