Tsukiji Outer Market Tour

Enjoy Eating and walking

A couple from New York joined Tokyo Tsukiji Insider Tour. They were on their honeymoon. They arrived in Japan about 10 days before and visited some places such as Kyoto, Osaka, and Izu. The gentleman said he liked Izu the best of all for its rich nature and warm atmosphere. 
When we entered the intermediate wholesale market in Toyosu, they listened to what the guide explained, and sometimes asked the names of unfamiliar fish and how to cook them.
They were very interested in Japanese cuisine. In Tsukiji market, a variety of food sold at the street attracted them. “Today is the last day in Japan, so I want to try everything !”, said the gentleman with humor. They bought fried chicken, dumpling, shrimp-flavored fish cake, and also enjoyed sampling snacks such as wasabi-flavored peanuts, Japanese traditional bread with sweet bean paste, and Japanese omellete. 
When the tour ended, they smiled and said, “Yoi ichinichiwo ( Have a nice day ) !”.
Thank you very much for joining the tour.