Private Ramen Experience at Tokyo or Yamagata

Outline This Experience

(1) Please tell us what kind of ramen you like in the inquiry. Contact Mail
(2) After asking what kind of ramen you like, we will inform you of the date and time at a ramen specialty store that will cooperate with us.
(3) You just go to the ramen shop at that time.

・ You can make ramen.
・ You cannot take new stock. Just you will use a soup of the Ramen shop. However, we will tell you about the soup stock.
・ If you can eat more, you can eat two cups to compare the taste of the ramen you made with the ramen made by the shop master.

* It will be a little expensive tour experience because the shop cooperates during the holidays. About 50,000 yen / person ~
* This is all a private tour. It will be a lifetime memory.

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