How to being life time

Three friendly ladies joined our activity, and visited both Toyosu fish market and Tsukiji outer market. When we entered the Intermediate fish wholesale market in Toyosu, they were surprised to see the varieties of seafood and took pictures of them at some shops. When we stopped by a tuna store, they had a chance to hold a long tuna knife.  “Amazing !”, they said.
After visiting the market-related shops, where they bought green tea and miso soy bean paste, we went to Tsukiji market by van.
The lively atmosphere of the outer market attracted the cheerful ladies and made them smile more! While walking around, they enjoyed sampling Japanese dashi soup stock, beans snacks, wasabi flavored peanut and so on. One of their hobbies were cooking, so we visited a knife shop which had a long history. A wide selection of beautiful and useful knives there fascinated them.
They loved sea urchin very much, so they decided to have lunch at a sushi restaurant where they could enjoy a heaping bowl of sea urchin on top of the rice.
Thank you very much for joining us !