Hakone Onsen (GORA/強羅温泉) Trip

Onsen and Food Tours

We coordinated a trip for 4 nights 5days from March 31 to April 4. The couple is in their mid-fifties and is from Shenzhen, China. Our communication was in English.

The first day itinerary is below. NARITA Airport to YCAT (I told them the time and place.) → Meet at YCAT → Breezbay Hotel Yokohama (Check In) → Coffee shop → Drive at Yokohama → Dinner at Japanese restaurant Hashimoto (Japanese Style Restaurant)

Shenzhen Wue san.001

They arrived at Narita Airport from China Hong Kong Airport. First of all, we greeted them at YCAT and drank a cup of coffee. Drive and head to Breeze Bay Hotel Yokohama. Kannai’s Japanese cuisine to go to HASHIMOTO. (Store information) Although horseradish shabu-shabu was offered, there are few cultures to eat horse meat in China. It seemed like the first experience. This Japanese restaurant will check the menus that are offered at the phone reservation stage, so it’ll serve your favorite course meal.

Hashimoto Kannai

The second day is below. Check in to Breezbay Hotel Yokohama→ We purchased Shiseido products and golf wear at Takashimaya (Futakotamagawa/二子玉川)(Tamagawa Takashimaya URL)→ Lunch introduces Ramen (Soy sauce-flavored ramen that can be tasted in “Japanese soup stock”) → We checked in Gora Onsen Setsugekka Bettei Suiun. Ryokan URL

On the morning of the third day, Roamed near Gora Onsen → Talked in the coffee shop → We went to Gora Park → To Owakudani at the ropeway → Lunch at Soba Kihinkan (Restaurant URL) → Take a ropeway from Sounzan Station to Owakudani. Stroll through sightseeing spots.

On the 4th day, after checking out Gora Onsen Seigekka Bettei Suiun, purchase a modern kokeshi and souvenir at Hakone Yumotoa href=”http://www.hakoneyumoto.com/enjoy/course2.php”> Hakone Yumoto Gourmet and Shopping . After that, we saw seasonal cherry blossoms at Odawara Castle [Odawara Castle URL] . Check in at Bay Sheraton Hotel at Yokohama city, eat dinner and go to bed.