About Fish Workshop

With Customers

Two brothers from United States joined our tour. We got a big whole salmon and a big block of tuna for Sushi-making workshop, which impressed the guests very much. It was rare opportunity even for Japanese to see a whole salmon, so our chef filleted it in front of the guests. They watched it with a lot of interest. Also, they had a chance to scale the salmon with knife under the help of our chef’s direction. They said, “it was difficult but so much fun to try !” Then, they learned how to fillet horse mackerel, which became one of their sushi toppings.
They made sushi a lot and enjoyed them with sake. There were four different taste of sake, ranging from dry to sweet. Their favorite was the sweetest. Aside from sushi, our chef made some dish such as tuna steak, grilled tuna skin, grilled fish ball, which made the guests so full and happy.
Thank you very much for joining us!